Thursday, October 5, 2017

Oh Harvest Moon in Aries... I've been waitin' on you *insert sarcasm here*

Six months ago, we had a New Aries Moon.  It was all about planting the seeds of diffiult decision-making and dealing with hella deep feelings & now it's time for us to see what grows.  This ain't gon be super's just best to 'wing it'...  to get that clarity we need, we can't dwell on the details of these decisions... we jus gotta go for it... impulse... or somethin'.

This is about intense emotional decisions.  Take back your whole life.  It's been a raggedy summer of thinking and makin' the final call on the shit we are gonna let go of (hence my weight loss/toxic relationship post from earlier).  Time to step up... put ya own money where ya own mouth is... for ya own good!

Tis the Moon of impulsive, passionate behavior...and that's super extra necessary for us to even deal with the emotions and fork-in-the-road moments that are coming (thanks, full Moon in Aries... 'preciate it).  Know this... the same is happening to people around you so don't be shocked by huge news or long overdue confrontations.

Because this Moon is hella intense, it might get ugly for any of us on the receiving end but try reaaaaallllyyyy really hard  not to respond with that initial feeling you get from whatever is bein thrown at you.  That's the fire that Aries puts in the air.  Conflict is almost inevitable so my best advice... try n be proactive with your reaction.

Basically, when they pop off... and they wil... try not to clap back... try with all your might!  I'm not probably going to do well with this but ya know, Imma try... 


Monday, July 17, 2017

Just another MAGIC Monday!

It's just another MAGIC Monday.... I do wish it was Sunday.... I had an awesome weekend! 

#goodjourney everyone.... So I've got friends in all places.  I like to collect random souls (in a not creepy way LOL) & the bond is unbreakable or there is never a bond to begin.  I don't do middle ground.  Hate you or love you. It's just who I am.

This morning, I got to have some bLitchy conversation with my sister from a different mister, Nikki G... owner of Urban Essentials!  She laced me with some Shea butter and some abundance and prosperity root mixture that she made at a workshop she was attending.  NOW.... LET ME SAY THIS.... it smells so good I accidentally inhaled some (which I've been known to do because I take huge whiffs despite my better judgment) AND I wanted to eat it.  The shit smells as good as it works.... The reason I can speak on how well it works.... well...

Immediately following our brief breakfast visit, separate Starbucks runs and then riding side by side in traffic for about 2 minutes while on the phone (we're that corny), I came to work.  I've been here doing the corporate thing... just another MANIC Monday, OK?  Keep up... this is where it gets GOOOOODDDDD!

I was just formally invited to offer my products in 2 stores.... ONE IN LA!!!  I'm SO EXCITED about that!  I also was just contacted by a reputable publisher regarding a book idea that Joseph & I had kinda pushed to a back burner... and by back burner, I mean it wasn't on a burner at all UNTIL last week when I mentioned it briefly in a conversation we were having (p.s... the purpose of that conversation was to get help with my Office 365 subscription on my iPhone 7S... we never even got to that LoL).  Anywho... I don't know exactly who, what, when, where or why this publisher sought me out but it might have something to do with the million dollars worth of grants I've applied for LOL (I've been wanting to write a book for a long ass time).

This is how you manifest MAGIC out of MANIC.... so Monday, cheers to you.... & to my sister, Nikki G....GIRL MARKET THAT ISH LIKE TARGET BECAUSE IT WORKS...IT WORKS FAST AND ABOVE AND BEYOND MY WILDEST DREAMS!  

Been walking around the office all day singing *Just another magic Monday*... nobody even notices the difference! lol 


Sunday, July 16, 2017

Mastermind aF

#goodjourney folks!  

It's been much longer than I initially anticipated but that's how the cookie crumbles when you suddenly return to the corporate crew... le sigh....

Anywho, today when I was having a one on one with a really good friend of mine.. He said to me "You're a mastermind".  Although I initially thought that it was him quoting an insult someone else had thrown my way, I then chose to dwell on it for a bit and I realized... HELLO, I AM A MASTERMIND!  I'm constantly thirsty for information & I don't forget a thing.... (well, that's a sort of lie because I forget a lot of things a lot of the time except for the most random things that most people never need to know in life... that's my niche).

It lead me to this post because I've experienced a complete upheaval of my so called life in the not so distant past and I've had a few moments where I've thought to myself "this can't be life" except IT IS... AND IT. IS. GLORIOUS. 

Do not EVER allow anyone walking this measly Earth's surface to kill your sunshine!  We ALL have a garden in us & we should ALL see just how good that garden grows.  Anybody who is not happy with the harvesting... well they were never a supporter to begin with.  Know this.  Trust this.  Keep calm and conjure on!!!

What's meant to be will be... & the gods don't like the ugly... and they ain't too fond of the cute.  

No, we can NEVER be prepared for absolutely everything... but with low expectations and high standards, you'll ALWAYS BE READY FOR THE ROLL!!! 

See ya'll on the flip side...#staytuned 

Wednesday, July 5, 2017

The Making of BellaD

Hello & #goodjourney.... I'm glad you're here.  I want to take a moment to introduce myself.  The name is Belladonna... aKa Deadly Nightshade (courtesy of my spiritual brother, Demetrius LaCroix).  I'm an 80s baby with the soul of an ancestor.  I would call what I practice "eclectic" as I am not tied down to any particular withcy way... I like to mix and mingle because well... because I can that's why.  There are no rules in magic and magic isn't magic until YOU put yourself into your work.  Therefore, I don't have to fight for my right to manifest!  I do what my heart and soul tell me to and in return, I've been gifted this vision of MTO magica and I've named in Belladonna's Garden.
I hope for the rest to one day (not soon, just eventually) become HISTORY!  In the meantime in between time, I'll be updating my blog as often as possible... maybe even too often but insert Kanye shrug here.

Welcome to the garden... come and see what's growing <3